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The Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (INGEMMET) proposes areas of interest with potential for copper and iron mineral deposits in southern Peru, between the coast of Ica and north of Arequipa.

The research carried out in the bulletin N ° 66 B “Magmatismo Jurásico - Cretáceo y su relación con los yacimientos tipo IOCG (óxidos de hierro con cobre y oro) y pórfidos entre Ica y Tacna. Bloque Norte” (Jurassic - Cretaceous Magmatism and its relationship with IOCG type deposits - iron oxides with copper and gold- and porphyry between Ica and Tacna. North Block) presents information on the main iron and copper deposits in southern Peru. Thus, it is held from the perspective of the magmatic arc that generated them. In turn, it studies the origin of metals related to rocks that go from a granodiorite composition to greenstone. Likewise, studies were used on tectonomagmatic controls, stratigraphy and interpretation of volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Jurassic, Cretaceous and Paleogene periods and compilation of structural and petromineragraphic data.

As main conclusions, the intrusive and volcanic bodies of the Jurassic, Cretaceous and Paleogene periods of the Linga, Tiabaya and Punta Coles Superunits are metallotects of greater interest to host Cu-Fe mineral deposits. For example: Cobrepampa, Orión, Hierro Acarí, Santa Filomena, Tambojasa-La Capitana and La Española. They all geochemically indicate magmatic favorable behavior to the mineralization of these deposits.

Furthermore, 167 primary samples (chips) were collected from some 68 mineral occurrences in mines. They were examined by the techniques of multi-element analysis by sodium peroxide fusion, as well as analysis of X-ray fluorescence and Au analysis per assay to the fire.

All this information is part of the studies of the INGEMMET Metallogeny Program, which aims to evaluate the potential of the Andean-trend magmatic belts of the southern region of Peru and their migration to the East, through time. In this regard, several studies will be held in this part of our territory in the next coming years.

For people who are interested in downloading this bulletin, it is freely available in the institutional repository of INGEMMET, in the next link: https://bit.ly/308llxe.

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