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The Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (INGEMMET) determined Cajamarca has areas industrial minerals and rocks that are economically exploitable. Thus, when developed, these areas can help to reduce poverty and extreme poverty levels, with regard to the information from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI).

Recently, INGEMMET published the bulletin “Estudio de recursos de rocas y minerales industriales para la inclusión económica social y desarrollo en la región Cajamarca” (Study of industrial minerals and rocks resources for social economic inclusion and development in Cajamarca). Through this publication, all data on the deposits located in this department was provided. It consists of: limestone (43), aggregate and arid minerals (7), silica sand (3), common clay (2), flagstone (1) and tuff (pozzolana) (1).

Likewise, all these industrial minerals and rocks would help meet the needs of the region, as well as the infrastructure (housing and roads), labor and economic ones. Therefore, they will follow an adequate advantage process for the benefit of the provinces.

Thereby, 70 samples were collected for this research and several analytical methods and techniques were all applied. For example, geochemical analysis, mineralogical analysis by XRD, and petrographic studies (thin section) by optical method.

INGEMMET known as the institution committed to the contribution of local and provincial governments and the encouragement of investment in activities related to the use of industrial minerals and rocks, continues to carry out research in this sector.

For people who are interested in downloading this bulletin can freely access through the institutional repository of INGEMMET (


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